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Claims Guide
Documento sin título It is essential that SEGUROS COLPATRIA S.A. provides you a quick and efficient service in response to accidents; to achieve this, help from the Insured parties is required in the sense of paying close attention to the procedures and guidelines stated herein, thus avoiding being excluded from discounts in indemnifications or from the total or partial objection of claims due to non-fulfillment of the requirements established in the Insurance Contract.

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Recommendations in case of an accident:

  • Notify the competent authorities so they learn about the events and draw up the respective traffic schematic, which you must confirm before signing.
  • Do not assume liability, as this must be determined by the competent authority.
  • Do not make payments, agreements, transactions or reconciliations with the victim or successors. (this rule does not apply when the Insured party is ordered by a competent authority to indemnify the victim by way of a final sentence or when referring to payments for medical mare through the Mandatory Insurance Policy.)
  • When there are injured parties, transfer them to the nearest Assistance Center and use the Mandatory Insurance.
  • Try to obtain the most information possible about the third-party originators of the accident or those that have been affected by it.

Procedure to follow for informing and filing the accident

  • Report the accident at our Call Center in Bogota 4235757 option 2, National Line 01 8000 51 2620 or #247 from your mobile phone, where we will indicate the shop where you may take the vehicle.
  • The driver of the vehicle in the accident must take the vehicle to the assigned shop within the following 48 hours, presenting: a copy of the ownership card (The titleholder of this document must be the same person that is registered as the insured party) (*) Transit report and Schematic (if any).
  • If the vehicle was so affected that it cannot travel as is, a towing service can be requested through our customer service line 4235757 option 2, the National Line 018000512620 or #247 from your mobile phone.
  • If the claim involves other vehicles, inform them about our offices' addresses so they may come in with the affected vehicle to file their claim. Main Office Bogota Calle 80 No. 12 A 44 Telephone: 6103016 or any of the branches throughout various cities.
  • If the claim is for the Theft of the vehicle or its parts, in addition to the aforementioned documents, a copy of the police complaint must be presented.

(*) When the Property Card is under someone other than the insured party's name, the study of the claim cannot continue until the Insurable Interest is shown, as this is grounds for objecting the claim.

Legal assistance service at transit hearing

SEGUROS COLPATRIA S.A. has a Abogado en Colombia service, to accompany the Insured Parties to the Reconciliation Hearings free of charge, through our customer service line.

To use this service, you must call the customer service line 4235757 option 2, or the National Line 01 8000 51 2620 or from your mobile phone dialing #247 and report the date of the hearings at least three days prior to the date, stating:

  • File Number
  • Date and time of the hearing

Notwithstanding the above, it is the obligation of the Insured Party to attend each and every summons issued by the competent authority..

It is worth mentioning that this service operates only before Reconciliation Centers when there are no injured parties; in case of an accident with injuries, attorney fees will be covered by reimbursement according to the amounts contracted in the policy, under the coverage provided through Legal Assistance in Penal Processes; that is, the Insured Party shall be in charge of appointing their trusted attorney, who must present monthly reports on the progress made in the process to SEGUROS COLPATRIA S.A., or defense attorneys ascribed to the Company can be authorized with your approval, if you so desire.

Authorizations for repairing insured vehicles

Once the affected vehicle has been inspected, the shop will immediately start to repair the vehicle, except in cases in which the magnitude of the effects on the vehicle are such that a preliminary study must be done to determine if it is a Total Loss, case in which the vehicle will be left at the authorized shops.

  • Repair authorizations solely and exclusively cover the parts affected by the accident reported and do not cover other damages that do not correspond to the same event or that correspond to vehicle maintenance.
  • Repairs at dealerships or other workshops or providers that are not authorized by Seguros Colpatria S.A.
  • SEGUROS COLPATRIA shall authorize the repair of crashed vehicles only at the Company's trusted shops. The dealership will be authorized for models from the current year or the year immediately prior, that are under warranty.
  • When the insured party requests a different shop or dealership, Colpatria will offer the option of Direct Payment, in writing, considering the value of the repair as the amount that the insurer would have recorded is repaired at one of our shops, with the prices and discounts that we have with our suppliers, applying the corresponding deductible; in this case the responsibility for repairs shall fall directly on our Insured Party and no unforeseen circumstances and/or warranties will be recognized.
  • Payment shall be made as follows: 50% at the start of the repairs and the remaining 50% within 5 working days after presenting the duly repaired vehicle.

Compensation for affected third parties under civil liability

  • Extra-contractual Civil Liability claims shall be handled by COLPATRIA according to the amounts established in the Automobile policy, after confirming the liability of our Insured Party, by presenting the final ruling declaring them as responsible for the damage.
  • When the ruling is not presented, COLPATRIA shall transact on the values of the loss, which will range from 60% to 70% depending on the evidence for liability for damages; among other circumstances, when the liability is not very evident, payment will be conditioned to the presentation of a sentence that has been declared enforceable by a competent authority.
  • It must be made clear that the deductible that was agreed upon in the contract will not be considered as covered in the transaction; notwithstanding the document that is signed with third parties, leaving SEGUROS COLPATRIA S.A. as well as the Insured Party and the driver of the vehicle free of all liability; document which shall be in our power, duly notarized.

Documentation required for compensating total losses

  • Once the claim is filed, COLPATRIA shall appraise the damages to determine if it is *Total Loss, case in which the Insured Party and/or the policy's Beneficiary will be informed, stating that, in order to proceed with compensation, the following documents must be presented:
  • Ownership card under SEGUROS COLPATRIA S.A. NIT 860.002.184.6
  • Copy of the transfer document and registration payment with the respective seal or certification or receipt by the transit office.
  • Original tax payment receipts (Road - national tax).
  • Certification of tax payment issued by the Secretariat of Treasury.
  • The issuance of reservation of title or nonpossessory lien if present or any other tax.
  • Copy of the resolution for CANCELING the registration due to THEFT OR AGGRAVATED THEFT.
  • The original Insurance Policy for Physical Damages caused to others in traffic accidents (mandatory Insurance), covering the vehicle.
  • Transfer Certification of the vehicle issued by the transit office where it is registered.
  • DIAN Certification, import manifest or record (for imported vehicles).
  • Configuration of the total loss due to damage.
  • The Total Loss is determined when the value of the repair, that is, manual labor, parts and their respective taxes, numerically have a value equal to or higher than 75% of the commercial value of the vehicle.
  • Once all of the required documents are presented, we make the respective payment within 5 days after having received the documentation.
  • It must be made clear that when there is a Total Loss due to Damage, and the vehicle (salvage) is missing parts or items such as Accessories, spare tire, Computer, etc. Another coverage of the policy would be affected, which would constitute a Partial Loss due to Theft claim, subject to a deductible and corresponding documentation.

Grounds for untimely response to claims

  • The property card is not in the Insured Party's name (in case the Insured interest is not proven or the vehicle does not belong to them, the claim shall be objected).
  • The vehicle has not been marked or inspected by the entity authorized by SEGUROS COLPATRIA S.A. (grounds for objection of the claim).
  • The vehicle has not been taken to our facilities for damage inspection.
  • In cases of Theft, the corresponding police complaint has not been filed.
  • The vehicle or its accessories do not figure as insured in out files.
  • Delay in obtaining replacement parts due to the make or model of the vehicle, or the low throughput for the required part, case in which the Insured Party will be informed in writing about the par and the steps being take to obtain it, and the possibility of reimbursement will be informed, on the aforementioned values, is said party so desires or can directly locate the part.